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Give your honest opinions and get paid every time you participate in a survey. Businesses need to make big decisions and your opinions are essential.
Brands are also waiting to reward you for your participation in marketing campaigns. Be paid for visiting websites and viewing video clips, all targeted specifically to you based on the answers in your profile.
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Research Services
We provide respondents for business to business and consumer research into products, trends, media usage, purchases and much more to give you a deeper understanding of your market.
For 8 years, we have built a reputation as a trusted panel provider.
Our deep profile coupled with a transparent and wide-ranging panel composition allows us to supply high quality, segmented respondents for a range of projects.
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Explore our database of more than 550,000 consumers who have opted in to receive marketing messages targeted to them.
pureprofile's permission-based marketing platform gives you access to your core target audience.
Each Account Holder answers an extensive profile about who they are. Based on these answers, only Account Holders who fit your targeting criteria will see your campaign.